Mythender Roleplaying Game cover

On the other side of this bloodied snowy plain stands Thor, God of Thunder and Mythic Norden’s warmaster. His thousands of einherjar charge at you and your two comrades. Mortals watch from the distance, unable to turn their gaze away from the oncoming storm. As the horde charges, you let out a bellow that drowns them all out, shaking the very earth beneath their feet. Armed with your sword, loyal wolf companion, and your wits, you and your friends dive into the fray.

It’s pitiful. These fools don’t stand a chance. You’re a Mythender!

Mythender is a roleplaying adventure game about stabbing gods in the face and sundering every mythic being until there’s none left. It’s a game about power and temptation, as you are constantly in danger of becoming the very gods you’re Ending–and when that happens, your friends will End you.

This free–yes, free!–game is for three to five people, and a session takes around four hours from character creation to slaughtering a god. It takes place in a heavy metal take on mythic Scandinavia, known as Mythic Norden, but Mythenders can End gods anywhere!

Indie RPG Award winner for Best Free Game
Game of the Year (runner-up), Best Production (runner-up)

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Creative Commons

Mythender is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported license. So hack and mutiliate to your Mythic Heart’s content! (If for some reason you’d like a commercial license, contact me.)

Future Content

There’s more content to come! The base game is finished, but thanks to all the Random Kindness Encounter backers, there will be:

  • Dozens of Mythenders ready for play, possibly with new Hearts, Pasts, and Fates;
  • Many Myths, and not just from Mythic Norden;
  • And more Mythic Worlds!

What People Say About Mythender

It certainly had a lot of cock. And not in a bad way.

– Filamena Young


– Cam Banks

Mythender struck me like a thunderbolt. I’ve seen it light wildfires in people’s imaginations. It’s part game, part legend.

– Will Hindmarch

My dice wept tears of blood.

– Logan Bonner

Mythender is Nobilis by way of D&D.

– Daniel Solis

Roll the storm, gain the thunder, unleash the lightning — and End a Myth!

– Chad Underkoffler

Finally, a game that weaponizes my existential angst.

– Nora Last

The finest game of deicide since Candyland.

– Josh Roby

When I played Mythender, I probably felt the coolest I have ever felt at an RPG table. I was killed by posiedon, but had nowhere to die… so I DIDN’T.

– Lyndsay Peters

I know what kicks ass. Mythender kicks ass. A Mythender stands on the battlefield atop the broken and bleeding bodies of his enemies, screaming defiance at the gods…and the gods are afraid to answer. That is kick ass.

– Brennan Taylor

I hate this game.

Thor, wannabe “god” of thunder